The release of the All Day Pant Collection is years in the making, and I wanted to personally give you a bit of background about this endeavor. You might be thinking, "Why pants?". Or maybe "Stay in your lane", but hear us out...

My brother (TRUE Co-Founder) and I grew up playing golf since we could walk - eating, breathing, and consuming all things golf. When we couldn’t find a pair of golf shoes that looked, felt and performed the way we wanted, we were just crazy enough to think, “Why don’t we just make some?”. The same can now be said of golf apparel, starting with the biggest pain point in our wardrobe - the perfect golf pant. 

We’ve all been there, looking through a sea of golf pants, trying to find one pair that you feel good in. But, if you’re anything like us, the market felt flooded with bright colors, shiny plastic fabrics, fits that were too loose and some that were too tight. Often times this meant we had to take that search outside the golf market to find something that we felt alright in. Finally, that will no longer be the case. 

 With the TRUE All Day Pant Collection, we really honed in on the things that we always wished existed in a golf pant. A durable, stretchy, comfortable fabric that isn’t shiny. A slim, tailored fit that still allows for athletic mobility and all day comfort. A color palette representative of our taste - colors inspired by the great outdoors. A pant that holds up to the elements but remains breathable on hot days. The only pair of pants you need to pack for your next golf trip - knowing you won’t waste time with the hotel ironing board. A pant you can wear straight from the course, to dinner, and back onto the plane.

Alas, the All Day pant collection was born.

After years of R&D, samples, testing… we finally made pants we are proud to put our name on (and legs in).

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Cheers,

Jason Moore

CEO & Partner