Are you Looking for a career in sporting goods, footwear manufacturing, e-commerce, or golf?

We’re a small team of motivated individuals that want to shake up the golf footwear industry. Golf can be a bit archaic and outdated at times, so we do our best to welcome the sport we love into the future. If you like thinking outside the box, and bringing innovation to outdated spaces - TRUE could be your next career move.

Together, we’ve set out create the best possible products to help golfers get out into nature and Enjoy The Walk. We do this by working as a team to provide great products and an exceptional customer experience from the moment the order is placed, during the shipping process and at any question, comment or concern they have along the way.



We believe in having time to pursue our passions and explore the world, while making a difference in our community.


At TRUE, we have an open door policy, and our workspace is built to nurture the camaraderie and creativity that drives us.


We encourage and support our team in spending time on professional and personal development.


We don’t just accept difference, we advocate it, encourage it, and celebrate it for the benefit of our employees, our company and our community. We’re proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.


We encourage health and welness and employees are elegible for benefits package includes premium, dental and vision coverage for employees and their dependents.


We're always looking for an excuse to celebrate. From small victories to work anniversaries, you'll often see us on the links - cold beverage in hand.


TRUE linkswear is seeking a motivated and genuine go-getter who is ready to tackle all things marketing. Primary responsibilities include supporting the marketing department with graphic design, communications, and content management.  As a growing eCommerce business, we are looking for a “doer” that can aid our marketing team with product launches, email marketing, social media, and online advertising.  

The Marketing Assistant will be an integral part of the Marketing team and spearhead coordination amongst external partners as well as the internal departments.  This individual must be able to plan, organize, and multitask while dealing with a variety of responsibilities.

This position will work closely with the VP of Marketing and President to best share our brand with new and existing customers.  This position is full time, and located in Tacoma, WA.


TRUE linkswear Social Media

·     Plan, develop, organize, and execute all content and media for the TRUE linkswear social media platforms(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

·      Communicate with customers via messages and DM’s in a timely fashion

·     Represent the brand in a thoughtful, on-brand demeanor

·     Collaborate with partners and brands on giveaways and other promotions

·     Spearhead outreach campaigns to key industry personnel and influencers to broaden TRUE’s organic reach

·     Work directly with another team member to coordinate this channel 

·     Develop a posting schedule and keep it up to date with key product launches and initiatives

Image/Video Editing

·     Create on-brand content for print/digital ads, website banners, product images, emails, and any/all outgoing media.

·     If not proficient in Adobe Premier, outsourcing and coordinating all video editing efforts to ensure content needs are met

·     Editing product photography to ensure a consistent look across all platforms

·     Audit content (email, advertising, and more) to ensure an on-brand experience across all channels.  

Content Creation

·     Collaborate with our internal team and external product photography crew to acquire product samples, get them to the photographer, and be the final line of edits before launching on the site.

·     Working with our external crew of photographers and videographers to create content for new campaigns and launches as well as any events or projects that may arise.

·     Planning, organization, and executing photoshoots with a small or large crew.

·     Writing and editing blog content when new campaigns or launches happen.

File Organization and Planning

·     Organizing our content folder, keeping both our internal and external drive up to date with all new content and product imagery

·     Tagging each image / content

Experience Required:

·       Familiarity or experience with high level Branding

·       Adobe Illustrator

·       Adobe Photoshop

·       Adobe Premier Pro (preferred but not required)

·       Social Media (managing for another brand preferred)

·       Microsoft Excel

·       Microsoft Word

·       Google Drive/Calendar

Desired Skills & Characteristics:

·      Ability to multi-task objectives and take initiative through project completion.

·      Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication

·      Ability to assist with copy needs across blogs, advertisements, press releases, and more

·      Organized & Persistent

·      Eager to learn and grow in marketing

·      Competitive in nature, preferably enjoys golf

To Apply: Please send a resume, cover letter, and any graphic design portfolios to

TRUE linkswear is looking to infuse some new creative energy into our design department by adding another motivated professional to our team. Primary responsibilities include supporting our creative departments with design assistance in product development and branding all while mantaining and improving our organizational systems for each.  As a growing eCommerce based footwear company, we are looking for a self motivated creative who desires to sharpen their skillset and learn how to design meaningful and on-brand products.

The Design Assistant will integrate into our fast growing product development team and will support our product design eco-system. This individual will also aid our marketing team and help keep and maintain our brand standards across all mediums of design.  This individual must be able to dream and also practically plan, organize, and multitask while dealing with a variety of responsibilities. 

This position will work closely with our President, VP of Manufacturing and VP of Marketing to create the best possible products and on-brand marketing to launch those products.  This position is full time, and located in Tacoma, WA. 


Product Development

·     Research: provide regular written and visual presentations on footwear, fashion, sustainability and color trends and present to the leadership team best practices / design techniques and key takeaways

·     Design: work alongside our in-house designers to create the best possible footwear, accessories and gear

·    Sourcing: research material suppliers and maintain a in-house physical library of materials

·     Product Feedback: work with our customer care team to gather meaningful insights from our customers to help improve our product design, QC and manufacturing process

·     Travel: When necessary, you may be required to travel to sourcing events, oversee manufacturing partners or off-site design retreats on an as needed basis 

·     Tech Packs: Work with our design team to create and maintain technical design packs and organize them in our file system 

·     Database and Records: maintain a database of materials, suppliers, pantones, testing data, manufacturing partners and other pertinent R&D information

·     R&D Room: organize and maintain our physical sample library including sample shoes, testing equipment and more

·     Product Testing: must be able to physically wear test samples, orchestrate wear testing feedback from key individuals, and gather that information to create a report for management


·     Brand Guide: help create and maintain a written and visual brand guide to help keep products, marketing and content creation on-brand across all creative channels

·     Graphic Design: work with our other creative department projects on an as needed basis

·    Brand Auditing & Training: help monitor all creative assets of the company to keep branding, design and communications cohesive. Lead training for employees, international partners and more on the fundamentals of our brand guide

·     Research & Strategy: keep an eye on global branding trends and provide meaningful written and visual reporting to help support the future of our brand

·     Styling: work with our creative team to style models for photoshoots, lookbooks and other visual representations of our brand

Planning & Organization

·     Schedule: help maintain and organize a product development schedule and pertinent meeings. Coordinate release dates, photoshoots, and other product marketing related details with our marketing team

·     File Systems: Work with our product development and marketing teams on a structured organizational system for all digital assets, creating organized processes for files

·     Marketing Cooperation: Work on being the glue between our marketing and product development teams with schedules, meetings and organizing our process.

·   Documentation & Implementation: coordinate and schedule meetings, take detailed notes when needed, create task lists and help keep organize our creative departments

Experience Required:

·       Familiarity or experience with product design and/or high level branding

·       Adobe Illustrator 

·       Adobe Photoshop 

·       Microsoft Excel

·       Microsoft Word

·       Google Drive/Calendar

Desired Skills & Characteristics:

·      A desire to learn or improve design skills across product development and branding

·      Ability to multi-task objectives and take initiative through project completion. 

·      Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication

·     Self starter and self-motivated

·      Organized & Persistent

·      Some experience in golf, outdoor recreation or fashion

·      Kind, courteous and pleasent to be around

To Apply: Please send a resume, cover letter, and design portfolios to

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