Inspiration behind TRUE Knit

Inspiration behind TRUE Knit

Our latest selfish creation, the TRUE Knit is simply a shoe we couldn't live another summer without.


We spent the Summer of '17 wear testing our all new Original and Outsider - every day. Rain, shine, hot and cold; they were put through every imaginable scenario. They were amazing, but as amazing as they were it became abundantly clear one thing was was still missing in our line.

We wondered "What if we had this same amazing grip, comfort, and natural fit - wrapped in a completely breathable shell? A shoe de-engineered for summer."

Boom, the Knit was born.

Drawing inspiration from the classic wingtip and brogue patterns of golf's iconic dame and gentlemen's heritage, we set out to utilize an all new performance knit technology to weave together our new iconic style for both men and women.

Modern meeting heritage. Technical, yet simple. Light but also significant. Merging golf with life.

We bought every knit and sock fit like shoe on the market (beyond golf). We found some favorites but nothing that had it all. We knew the TRUE knit had to be the most comfortable of the batch, but it also needed some additional features we found lacking to help make it the best on and off course shoe out there. Like, it had to:

Oh, and we knew they had to be able to be thrown in the wash for when you encounter that first 'I can totally hit this out of the pond' moment.

In the end, we couldn't be happier with the result. As I sit here, looking out at our team here in the office - many of them chose to lace up their Knit's to wear to work this morning, as they do most days. Not because they have to per company policy, no, because they just might be our favorite shoe out there. We just can't get enough.

We hope you enjoy the Knit as much as we do. Continue to Enjoy the Walk,

Jason M.

Partner and Creative Director

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