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Natural Width Toe Box

Our shoes are designed around the natural shape of your foot. Normal shoes, put plainly, mess up your feet. And over time you’ll notice your feet looking like the ‘average foot’ referenced above. Most golf shoes follow a more dress shoe designed shape which cram your toes into an unnatural position, causing discomfort, pain, long term foot issues, and a lack of balance throughout your stride/swing.

TRUEs on the other hand allow your toes to naturally spread out, providing the ultimate in comfort, foot strength, balance, and traction. That’s why all of our shoes are practically wide, and not unnaturally narrow. TRUE Originals (also OG feel or OG premium) are our widest fit, accommodating up to 2 or 3E in width. TRUE Lux models are slightly more form fitting, still allowing your toes to spread more than the average shoe, accommodating up to a 1 to 2E in widths.

Zero Drop VS Transitional Drop

Humans weren’t born with high heels for a reason. We didn’t develop them over all the years of human evolution quite simply because they do us much more harm than good. Higher or raised heels cause alignment issues in your body, starting at the foot, transferring to your knees, hips and back. They also don’t do anything for balance or traction either - in fact, they hinder both. TRUEs are built to have a natural platform, with no raised heels, healthy and comfortable on the body, increasing balance in your stride and swing.

Zero Heel Drop - The TRUE Original platform (OG Feel, Original, OG Premium) and the lifestyle platform (Eco Knit, TL-01) feature our zero heel drop, ultra thin sole for more feedback, feel and power. Zero drop simply means that the shoe has no forced heel lift, making the shoe completely level from heel to toe.

Transitional Drop - TRUE Knit II, Lux Knit and Lux Pro feature our new ‘Transitional Drop’ platform. Allowing the heel to natural sit within the cushion, we have elevated the heel by 4-6mm (Traditional Drop shoes can be 12-24mm of heel lift). After your weight is distributed throughout the sole, your feet will sit virtually flat, allowing your body’s natural ability to balance and provide strength to your gate/swing.

TRUE Sizing

Our golf shoes are tailored to the shape of the foot. All of our shoes feature a snug fit at the heel and a wider toe box that allows the foot to spread naturally, optimizing comfort. We offer whole and half sizes 7-12 and we don’t forget about you 13, 14, 15’s either!

Size chart below reflects length measure of your barefoot from heel to end of longest toe.

TRUE Shoe Comparison Chart

What TRUE is right for you? If you like all the details, dig in to the specs below to find which model or models may fit you best by comparing the deets side by side.

TRUE Shoe Comparison Chart