For our collaboration with Timmy Ham (IAMSLOTH), we wanted to really get to know the man behind the art and everything that comes with his creativity. Here is what we learned:


Can you tell us a bit about your artistic background and how you first got started with art?


“YESSS, I got started in art after I got done playing college football at University Nevada. I actually studied philosophy / Pre-Law in college but after my football career ended I fell in love with street art and the non-traditional lifestyle a creative career could offer. The idea of paving my own way was attractive and I really like doing hard things and becoming an artist seemed pretty hard hahaha and I just love to create.”


What inspires you the most as an artist? Are there any particular themes, ideas, or experiences that drive your creativity?


“I love being outside, love being active, and traveling but I think most of all what inspires me most is being able to have an idea and create something from nothing. Going from just a concept and then bringing it to life is pretty exciting to me and the idea that when you’re creative anything is possible.”


Could you share with us the story behind your collaboration with TRUE linkswear? How did you want to bring your style with TRUE? 


“I really fell in love with the brand 3 years ago and have been following along with what TRUE had been up to and when the timing was right, we got connected. With this capsule collaboration I really wanted to bring something totally unique and different to the golf scene with style and colors. I also go by SLOTH and my whole ethos is slow and steady wins the race and I really think that fits so perfectly to the sport of golf. Also the idea to chill out and smell the roses kind of vibe. I love that golf has the ability to slow you down and just enjoy the outdoors and friendships and that you kind of forget everything else when you're out on the course.”


What attracted you to going beyond just artwork and into apparel collaborations? How do you incorporate your artistic style into your collaborations? 


“What attracted me the most is the idea that people can wear my art. I love seeing my art and designs live on more than just a canvas or via digital. That it can be worn as a statement or something that someone connects too.”


How would you describe your artistic style, and how has it evolved over time? Are there any particular techniques or mediums you prefer to work with?


“Not sure how I would describe my style. Maybe Colorful and bold. Over time it's become more and more simplified. My older art was very detailed and a bit more messy but as I grow as an artist I find myself trying to express what I want with less.


How do you try to bring community into your art? What does community mean to you? 


“Community for me is pretty much everything. As an artist I only am as successful as how healthy my community is. I spend 50% of my time investing into my community. Whether that's my current art collectors or just people who like to engage with me in real life or online. For me my goal is to have my art bring people together and that my art becomes something bigger than just something someone looks at. That a common interest in the art brings new friendships and good conversation.”


What messages or emotions do you hope to convey through your artwork? Is there a particular message you wanted to express through your collaboration with TRUE?


“I want people to see this collaboration and I hope it gets them to smile and to just chill. So many busy people don't know how to slow down and golf is so great for that. So I want people to see this collaboration and become inspired to slow down, be present and be engaged whether that's on the course or just in life. Chill and enjoy the game.”


Can you walk us through your creative process? How do you approach a new project or collaboration from the initial concept to the final artwork?


“I don’t really have much of a creative process. The key for me is to just start. Whether that be brainstorming or throwing sketches down on paper. The act of starting usually sets off a chain of inspiration at some point. If it doesn’t I just keep moving until I find something I’m proud of and that I can build on.”


Are there any challenges or obstacles you've faced as an artist, and how have you overcome them? What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to establish themselves in the industry?


“Man where do I start! The key is to get comfortable with working hard and the uncertainty of the career. There isn’t much of a road map to becoming an artist and making a living. I think for each creative it’s going to look a lot different. A lot of it comes down to building relationships and follow through and you have to treat your craft like you’re a professional athlete. You gotta put in the time and show up when it counts. A lot of creatives only create when they feel like it and I would say you need to create even when you don’t feel like it. You gotta show up everyday and practice even if you don’t have client work. Be dedicated to preparation so when the game time comes you can knock it out of the park.”


Looking ahead, what are your future goals and aspirations as an artist? Are there any dream collaborations or projects you would like to pursue?


“I think my main goal is to just inspire and motivate others around me and be an example of someone who went after their dreams and made it happen and also became an even better human in the process. In the near future I would love to become a “Sponsored” artist similar to how an athlete gets sponsored or endorsed. If I had to pick a dream collaboration I think I would pick an airline and hotel company so that way I could travel around the world.”

Be sure to check out Timmy on Instagram and his website as well as be sure to pick up one or multiple of these limited pieces.

Stay tuned to see what our next collaboration in the works is…