Ryan Moore T-9 at Genesis Open - after hiatus, new swing coach and off season fitness routine. #Gains

Ryan Moore T-9 at Genesis Open - after hiatus, new swing coach and off season fitness routine. #Gains


If you turned on the Genesis Open coverage this weekend, there's a good chance you saw Ryan Moore. But if you took a minute to think about it - it may have been a while since you saw his mug.

Ryan has been taking a bit of a, shall we say - hiatus? And he came back in style, boasting some low rounds and taking a top 10 this week in only his second appearance of the year. We connected with Ryan to find out what inspired this break, and where he's been spending his time.

Why the late start on the calendar year? Ryan stated he had been "A bit wiped out at the end of the season last year, culminating at the Ryder Cup, and really never took a significant break." He sated, "This year I wanted to take a few months off and really spend some time working on things."

That 'work' he was referring to looks like it is paying off. Ryan came out of the gates hot at Riviera where he had the lead at one point on Sunday.

When asked how he spent the off-season, Moore said, "I really focused in on my health and fitness routines. I started working with a new trainer, Brian Chandler, and the difference has been night and day." And we can see the athletic gains, Moore is down over 20 lbs since last season. "I've enjoyed working out more than I ever have. I'm the type that really likes learning the why behind how things work."

But that's not the only change Ryan made this off season. He amicably parted ways with long time instructor Troy Denton, and hired Drew Steckel. Drew works with several other Tour players, and recently relocated to Las Vegas (Ryan's home town) which made off season training really convenient. "It's great having someone so close that there's almost no excuse not to connect and work on things on a more consistant schedule," Moore said.

If his play this last week was any indication, Ryan seems to be on to some things this off season, and we wish him well.

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