Quick Nine | Madelene Sagstrom and Krissy Carmen

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Quick Nine | Madelene Sagstrom and Krissy Carmen

TRUE LPGA Tour Ambassador, Madelene Sagstrom, and Mid-Am Winner and TRUE Collective member, Krissy Carmen competed in the 2023 U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship at Pebble Beach.

We wanted to check in with our ambassadors to see how their prep was going for this year's championship. You can check out their Instagram pages to follow each player @madelenesagstrom & @krissycarmangolf


Madelene Sagstrom
LPGA Player and TRUE Tour Ambassador


How have you been preparing for the 2023 Women's US Open? Any specific aspects of your game that you have focused on?

I normally base my practice on my long term goals and how the game is trending during every event. This year I’ve been trying to improve my iron game and get a bit straighter off the tee. That part is trending in the right direction. I haven’t putted as well this year as last year so I’ve been spending some more time on my putting practice the last few weeks. Also a lot of short game practice since it will be tough around the greens. I always have the theory that hitting fairways and greens will bring good results. That’s the same approach I have this upcoming week.


How do you approach the mental aspect of the game? Is it any different in a Major vs. a regular event?

The biggest difference with a major and a normal event is the difficulty. Major courses tend to be a bit longer and more difficult. The biggest difference I try to focus on is my patience. You’re going to make bogies so staying patient and not getting ahead of myself is a big focus area of mine. Other than that I try not to change my mentality very much. It’s just another week and it’s easy to make it too big.


What are you most looking forward to about Pebble Beach and the US Open being held there this year?

What I look forward to most is playing the golf course. I’ve played a lot of US Open’s but I’ve never been to Pebble Beach. Such a famous golf course with a lot of history is a privilege to play. We love how the women’s game is elevated every year and we get to play our biggest events at these historic venues.


What model will you be wearing during the US Open?


My favorite model this year so far has been the FS-01, the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. I’m currently in the process of trying a couple of other models which I’m really excited about. Being someone who has had a lot of problems with my feet and blisters over the years, the fact that I can put on a new pair straight out of the box and wear them for 8+ hours is amazing.


Looking beyond the Women's US Open, what are your future goals and aspirations in the world of golf?

My goals have always been to see how far I can make it. Every year I’ve had the goal to keep climbing in the rankings and winning tournaments. I feel like I’m heading in the direction right now to be a top 10 player in the world with the goal to get to the top. I would like to win more tournaments and be a major champion is a huge goal of mine. Playing more Solheim cups and representing Sweden in another Olympics are also goals. Those are more result oriented goals, more personal and process oriented goals are to keep improving as a player and person every day. Coming from a background of sexual abuse and a lot of self hate I want to keep showing my journey to hopefully help and inspire people to love themselves more no matter their stories. Sharing my love for the game and self development drives me every day and I hope to share that drive with others.


Krissy Carmen
2022 US Women's Mid-Am Winner and TRUE Collective Member



You qualified by winning the US Mid Am Championship, what preparation went into that event and will you be using the same approach going into the US Women’s Open?


Being prepared for the US Mid Am meant that I first needed to be prepared for the qualifier which occurred a month before the actual tournament. I kept my preparation for the qualifier and the US Mid Am casual. I mostly practiced by playing 9 holes with my husband and toddler. I would also add in an occasional wedge session when I had the chance. Going into the US Open I have kept a similar approach but just made more time to have a few more solo practice sessions throughout the week to focus on wedges and putting. 



What are you most excited about this being your first US Women’s Open appearance? What are you looking forward to about Pebble Beach?


This is truly a dream come true. I am extremely excited to experience the atmosphere and have the opportunity to be competing inside the ropes. The two things that excite me most about Pebble Beach is the prestige and beauty of the course. It will be so special to see how women compete on the Pebble Beach stage.



Are there any golfers, past or present, who inspire you? How have they influenced your game or mindset? 


My family has made the biggest impact on me and my love for the game. It was our family activity growing up. Being the baby of the family I was constantly watching and trying to keep up with my big siblings. My parents instilled in me to never give up on the course because you never know what can happen out there and that has been something that carries me through competitions to this day. In terms of professional golfers the two that inspired me growing up were Annika Sorenstam and Lorena Ochoa. Both carried themselves with grace and tenacity on the course that I admired so much.



What model will you be wearing during the US Open? 


I will be wearing the FS-01s. These are my favorite for both style and 
comfortability. I love wearing them on and off the golf course. 



Looking beyond the Women's US Open, what are your future goals and aspirations in the world of golf? 


In the future I hope to encourage more women to get out and compete at the Mid-Amatuer level. I would love to figure out ways to retain college golfers and encourage them to stay in golf and stay competitive. Down the road I would love to eventually start working in the golf industry either in a college coaching or working for my local golf association.