Quick Nine | Ep. 5 @jessabarth

Quick Nine | Ep. 5 @jessabarth

Cheers to the thinkers and dreamers. Another month, another episode highlighting those that help inspire and create our brand - TRUE. From employees, to advisers, to customers, to TOUR professionals; here’s your chance to learn more about the culture that is TRUE.

Jessa Barth, who you MAY have spoken to at one point or another on one of our social media channels, joins us for a Quick Nine on a grey Monday morning.

Q1: When did you start working at TRUE linkswear?

A1. Gosh, as I answer this question I’m realizing how quickly time has flown by. I started working for TRUE About 4 ½ months ago.

Q2: How would you describe the culture?

A2. When I think of TRUE I think of the words inclusive, passionate, and supportive. We are just a handful of people that truly care about our work. I enjoy coming into the office, our team lunches, and I know I can always lean on my friends here when I need help on a project. I could go on and on about the culture, it’s what made me fall in love with the brand.

Q3: What’s a day in the life of the Social Media Manager?

A3. I always, always begin my day with a coffee (sometimes even two). I come into the office and start off helping our customer care team. About halfway through my day I transition into working on social media projects. This can be planning out a grid for posts, working on giveaways and fun campaigns, spending time writing letters to people I get to connect with, and more. Some days I get to go out and shoot for the company; I really enjoy that part of my job!

Q4 - What was your first pair of TRUE’s?

A4. My first pair of TRUE’s were the off white TRUE Knits. So comfortable by the way.

Q5: Out of all the photographs you’ve taken for TRUE, what’s your favorite?

A5. That's a tricky question. I have a few to be honest. I know what I want to achieve before going out to TRUE photo shoots. I find that when I go out with ideas, but still give myself creative leniency, I take photos I’m most proud of. One photo in particular that I am proud of is the photo below. I went out with the caption “OGP is back and he brought a friend” in mind and while I was shooting our newest colorway, I thought ‘how can I shoot these two colors together?’ And after some trial and error I got the shot I was looking for.

Q6: What are you most looking forward (professional or personal) in 2020?

A6. One project I’m excited to be apart of until the end of the year is managing our ambassador program. We have so many wonderful candidates and my hopes are to keep expanding the program as the years go by. As far as my personal life goes, I find great joy in traveling. I work really hard and when I find time to travel, I always come back rejuvenated with many creative ideas in mind. So, I’m looking forward to planning a few trips next 2020.

Q7: What’s been the biggest challenge for you in 2019?

A7. Definitely establishing myself. I’m young, but I’m eager so finding balance between work and personal life can be challenging. But, it’s also a good challenge to have because I love what I do here at TRUE.

Q8: Who would be included in your perfect foursome to golf with?

A8. Man, I’m just now tapping into the game of golf so I think I would love to play with at least one solid player (and of course get a few pointers from him). Ryan Moore would be a must. I would include my brother, who also works for TRUE, because he usually has great tips on how I can improve. My last choice would be Ellen Degeneres because she would keep the game lighthearted!

Q9:Is there a future launch that you would like to see?

A9. I would love to see some apparel! TRUE is known for trendy golf shoes, so why not add to the collection?