Introducing the LUX G


Introducing the LUX G

TRUEs first new model of 2024 arrives with the LUX G. This shoe represents a true labor of love for the product development team at TRUE. The team tooled with a variety of materials and countless samples searching for a solution to a problem all golfers face––finding a golf shoe which provides great performance and durability, but still looks good enough to wear year round.

The solution materialized in the LUX G, a shoe designed for utmost durability and enhanced performance, while remaining effortlessly good-looking. The LUX G builds upon the silhouette of the LUX Knit, but with smart, updated features, sure to make this model a true "do it all" option in your collection.

From the moment you put on the LUX G, you'll notice features such as a neoprene easy-on collar system, along with TRUE's signature achilles heel pad––providing a secure, but most importantly, comfortable fit.

Direct your gaze further down the LUX G and its calling card comes into sight––a TPU coated mesh upper. This upper builds upon the classic, knit upper of the LUX Knit, adding simplistic durability. This coated mesh upper not only provides reinforced waterproofing but also an easy solution for keeping your kicks looking clean, round after round. A simple wipe down or air hose blow-off post-round will keep these shoes looking fresh, as simple as that.

It doesn’t stop there––a mountaineering tread featuring a descent heel and ascent toe cross tread ensure optimal stability in the wettest of fairways. The LUX G also features the same, beloved WANDERLUX midsole compound featured in the LUX Knit and LUX Hybrid, providing the same cloud-like walking experience TRUE faithfuls are accustomed to.

Combine innovative durability with a TOUR tested, performance midsole and tread, and you get a shoe truly prepared for any situation.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the LUX G is how much protection and performance is packed into a silhouette which just looks great. A custom molded saddle provides enhanced stability and waterproofing while also providing an updated, minimalist take on the TRUE logo, with a new, understated "T".

Subtle details such as a silicone logo hit on the heel and a reflective rear pull tab which reads "TRUE" from one angle and "TRANSCEND" from another, speak to where this shoe can take you.

The LUX G is an all-weather performer that looks just as good as it performs. Gone are the days when throwing on a waterproof golf boot was necessary for hitting the links in the Pacific Northwest rain. Now, you have the LUX G––a rugged, minimalist, athletic take on a golf shoe.

Check it out here, along with a lookbook offering some tips on how to style the LUX G.