Field Tested


Avid golfer Kagen Luedemann loves playing in his hometown, Tacoma, Wash. Through all his time on the course, the 11.9 handicap has owned six pairs of TRUE shoes. His latest? The newest waterproof model, the Lux G.


“It seems I was always going to TRUE’s Ripstops before,” says Luedemann, who plays once a week at North Shore Golf Club, but who can often also be pounding range balls there on a regular basis. “I’m a walker, so the Lux G caught my eye. My first impression of it from opening the box was it had a very clean look and the material felt really good in the hand. It's been my favorite shoe – the most comfortable, and out of the box fit the best. So far, I’ve only worn them for three rounds but at least 30 times to the practice facility.”


Prior to the Lux G, Luedemann was wearing the All Day Ripstop 2 – a shoe he says took a couple of wears to expand, feel nice, and not dig a little into his Achilles. Same thing happened with his Lux Hybrid shoes before that. “I kind of had that experience going into the Lux G shoes, knowing that maybe the first couple of wears would do the trick to settle them in a little bit,” he says. “But straight out of the box, they felt broken in already and super comfortable on my feet, as if I've been wearing them for days.”


Luedemann opted for a white pair, which he admitted might be a dangerous choice because of potential mud in the wet Washington weather. But so far, they’ve only had a couple of grass marks on them which he says actually faded right out quickly. But it’s good to know they’re waterproof, too. “It’s a dual-edged sword here because it’s typically very important living in Washington,” he says. “It's always raining and I like to play golf in the winter, too, so it's definitely a top-of-mind thing, but not necessarily a requirement. They’re summer shoes, as well.”


Luedemann adds that he particularly loves the comfort aspect of the Lux G, how stable they feel under his feet, and the traction pattern. “With the Lux G, I feel like there's quite a bit of stability, durability and grip underneath my foot. Similar to what I'd feel on a spiked shoe. So that's been really nice because I've always been a spiked shoe wearer.”


He also praises the look of the Lux G – not just from an outside perspective but from looking down while wearing it. There’s no visual distraction, he says, because it has a slim profile without any super wide or bulky elements. His only suggestion? He wishes TRUE would offer the Lux G in more colors. 


“I've really enjoyed both having them on my feet and the performance they've given me,” he says. “They've lived up to – if not exceeded – what TRUE is already established as their shoe and who they are in footwear, and this shoe has definitely taken it up to the next level. I don't feel like the shoe is very heavy. It's waterproof, so when we get rain showers, it's no problem. I don't come home after a day in the hot sun and feel like my feet are on fire. These look more standard to what you might find on a golf shoe but also a casual shoe. So it's really easy to wear all around, and I've done that. But I've worn them on flat tracks, on really hilly tracks, and in the rain. And I think these really shine. Elevation change hasn't mattered to me – I’ve felt comfortable all day and in both environments. I think it really shines in that light rain category where you're not stepping in puddles of water, but the ground is soft. These have quite a bit of traction in that soft ground, which has been nice to have.”

Learn more about the Lux G from TRUE here.