Field Tested


East Coaster Jeremy Thongtavee started playing golf in his early twenties, teaching himself the game. He loved playing so much that he eventually-yet-briefly became an assistant golf pro, but ultimately decided the business wasn’t for him. Now a 13-handicap, Thongtavee frequently plays at Whiskey Creek Golf Course in Ijamsville, Md.

“I originally became interested in TRUE because I'm a bit of an environmentalist,” he says. “Knowing that golf has a pretty heavy impact on the environment, I wanted to find a company that was as sustainable as it could be and came across TRUE. I immediately fell in love with their shoes because I love to walk the course – I don't ever take carts. When TRUE started apparel, I was excited. I've been super impressed with everything they put out. The FS-01 shoes are by far my favorite golf shoe. I fell in love with them immediately.”

Based on the shoes, Thongtavee says he wasn’t surprised that the hoodie material quality was also “amazing” when he first saw it. “It was super soft, the inside was super plush, and it was radiating heat during the winter,” he says. “It definitely serves its purpose. Nothing about it looks like it isn’t well made. The most important piece of it though is its weather resistance. I took it out the first weekend that I got it, and it was only supposed to drizzle a little bit here and there. It ended up being a steady rain for the entire round, and the entire exterior was wet but I actually stayed dry, so it absolutely holds up.”

As for the hoodie’s style, Thongtavee says it hits the spot. His go-to outfit is a hoodie, t-shirt and shorts. And he loves that the TRUE hoodie has room to move, stretch and not hinder his golf swing. He wears his everywhere off the course, too. “The overall design is pretty perfect, but I would love it even more if it came in different cuts,” he says. “Maybe an athletic fit, in addition to the classic fit.”

He also owns TRUE All Day 5-Pocket pants – an upgrade to his old Lululemon ABC pants, which he also loved when he first bought them. When he first tried on the TRUE pants, he immediately wanted to get at least three more pairs in different colors. He particularly liked the comfort and stretch – so much so that he even wears them off-course to executive presentations and around the house. On the course, he says they’re not distracting in any way because of fit, comfort or even rubbing noise during the swing. He’s had his for two years now.


“They're still strong – no stains or any real sign of wear,” says Thongtavee. “I’m super happy with the quality. I know eventually they will have to retire, but I've already gotten my money's worth.”


The only clothing TRUE doesn’t offer that he’d like to see? “Shorts," he says. "They've got everything else pretty well covered. But if I can get shorts to go with the TRUE polo, I'll probably go broke.”