Continuing Enjoy, Catalina with Ep. 005...

While in ep. 004 we gave you a rundown of our trip, we are now bringing to you in this episode an itinerary to inspire your first (or next) trip to Catalina Island.


Sometimes showing up to a location without a plan creates for a unique and memorable experience. To explore and discover on your own initiative and see where it takes you. Catalina Island is one of those places. That being said, let us help get you started with a few must dos, to kick your journey off in the right direction. 


Catalina Golf Course is known for being the oldest course this side of the Mississippi, it's full of history and is pretty damn fun! A little fun fact, it was originally built as a 3-hole course.


We recommend playing this course twice in a day to really get the full experience and washing it down with a heated game of mini golf. We know we enjoyed that part!


The island boasts an array of options for drinks and dining. Here’s our “Go To” routine…


Breakfast - Do yourself a favor and start your day at the Sand Trap for a Michelada and Huevos Rancheros. Some of the nicest people you will meet and the food is as authentic as it comes. Plus, you'd most likely have talk of golf as the owner is a scratch golfer! 


Lunch - The afternoon is a great time to explore the pier and beach walk. After a good walk, let your stomach do the deciding on what you might want to eat. If you need help making a decision, we suggest grabbing a world-famous Mai Tai at Lua Larry’s and see if that helps.


Dinner - The Lobster Trap is the definition of your local table. Being a fresh fish restaurant, if folks are catching fresh fish on island, they are making their way to the plates of the patrons at Lobster Trap. 


You don’t have to complete the 38.5-mile Trans Catalina hike to appreciate the beautiful terrain and natural beauty of the island. Just minutes out of the hustle and bustle of Avalon lie all sorts of trails for exploration of different lengths and difficulty.  Start your morning or end your day with one-on-one time with nature and enjoy the picturesque views.


You’re on island time now… Relax. Rent a boat, go fishing, or simply grab a beach cruiser and head down to Descanso Beach Club and with the right amount of margaritas, you would swear you were in Greece!

Be on the lookout for Enjoy Series Ep. 006...