It is hard to believe that this place sits only twenty-something miles away from one of the biggest cities in the world. The island is in plain view of most of Southern California’s shoreline, yet this majestic little rock is its own world. A different speed, perspective, and feeling permeate the entire island. What better place to explore! Topped off that it housed the “Oldest Course This Side of the Mississippi,” we had all the convincing we needed to pack the clubs, tie off the bowlines, and point haul due west, for a bit of golf adventure.


We’d all like to hone in on our skills, play better courses, and pursue par. But golf for us (as very well reiterated on this trip) is about camaraderie, being in nature, and having a craft that humbles you every time you try your hand at it. It’s also a vehicle for adventure. Golf can take you around the globe. Golf can give you reasons to explore places you may not have considered visiting. And in our books, there are few things sweeter in this world then an excuse for exploration. Discovering a fun course, meeting new friends, or simply saddling up at a foreign watering hole, can be a wonderful thing. That is exactly what ENJOY is all about and precisely what happened when the five of us to your right hopped on a boat headed west. We are glad you could join us on our journey! 


Because, after all, what’s a good trip without a good beverage or two? Not only does a solid watering hole quench one’s thirst and help drown out the worries of the day (and a few failed par attempts), but it also seems to be “ground zero” for local knowledge. Tall tales, local legends, and where to get a good burrito (the important stuff). We found all this and more at The Marlin Club.

Established in the 1930s, this saloon has its history. As one pulls to shore on this majestic island, the Marlin Club’s siren call beckons you in - It’s that or the cold beer sign out front. Either way, we settled up for a few cocktails and what followed was pure smiles.

The island is also home to one of the most challenging mini golf courses we have ever encountered. There are no laughing clowns or prehistoric creatures on this course. We are talking serious business here. A “Par 9”, I mean, come on! So naturally, a game of skins was in order, and that’s exactly what went down.

Episode 005 coming soon...