Jun 19th 2018 | Posted by TRUE R&D Testers
Yes, we have an internal R&D and testing team. But we also like to get unbiased opinions from all ranges of lifestyles. That's why we shipped the knit out to professional athletes, trainers, style bloggers and more to see how they performed out i …


Jun 13th 2018 | Posted by Jason M. (Photos by Justin T. and Jason M.)
When we re-focused our product development strategy we did so with a few clear principles. (Photos Below)SELF-SERVING CREATION: No more status-quo-cookie-cutter designs, depending on opinions of mega-store buyers or reactions to what the rest industr …

Why We're a Direct to Consumer Brand

Mar 14th 2018 | Posted by Jason & Justin
One of the things we have loved about the re-launch of TRUE was our ability to re-focus our distribution channels. Put in plain english we now focus more on selling directly to you through our site. How does this work?By selling our gear directl …