No seriously, we really care about the comfort of your feet. We set out to help people #EnjoyTheWalk by creating a more comfortable golf shoe, designed to fit your feet naturally.

A golf shoe actually designed for walking? Apparently this idea never crossed anyone's mind before us. Revolutionary? Maybe, but we like to think of it as common sense. Let's think about it: the average golfer spends 5+ hours on their feet, while walking 6+ miles per round of golf, with a weighted pack on their back. And they were hiking up and down these hills in the equivalent of dress shoes - or even worse - over-engineered, techy looking foot cages.

We shocked the industry just by doing what we thought was right, engineering the first ever walking golf shoe. And now, some 9+ years later, we have some time under our belt to perfect our craft. Below you'll find a few of our fundamentals concepts that are still changing the game.


Natural Width Toe Box:

Our shoes are designed around the natural shape of your foot. Normal shoes, put plainly, mess up your feet. And over time you'll notice your feet looking like the 'average foot' above. Most golf shoes follow a more dress shoe designed shape which cram your toes into an unnatural position, causing discomfort, pain, long term foot issues, and a lack of balance throughout your stride/swing. 

TRUEs on the other hand allow your toes to naturally spread out, providing the ultimate in comfort, foot strength, balance, and traction. That's why every TRUE has been designed to be practical, and wide in nature. TRUE Originals are our widest fit, accommodating up to a 3E in width. TRUE Outsiders are slightly more form fitting, still allowing your toes to spread more than the average shoe, accommodating up to a 2E in width.

Zero Drop vs. Transitional Drop vs. Traditional Drop:

Humans weren't born with high heels for a reason. We didn't develop them over all the years of human evolution quite simply because they do us much more harm than good. Higher or raised heels cause alignment issues in your body, starting at the foot, transferring to your knees, hips and back. They also don't do anything for balance or traction either - in fact, they hinder both. TRUEs are built to have a natural platform, with no raised heels, healthy and comfortable on the body, increasing balance in your stride and swing.

Zero Drop - TRUE originals feature our zero drop, ultra thin sole for more feedback, feel and power. Zero drop simply means that the shoe has no forced heel lift, making the shoe completely level from heel to toe. 

Transitional Drop - TRUE outsiders feature our new 'Transitional Drop' platform. Allowing the heel to sit naturally within the cushion, we have elevated the heel by 4-6mm (Traditional Drop shoes can be 12-24mm of lift). After your weight is distributed throughout the sole, your feet will sit virtually flat, allowing your body's natural ability to balance and provide strength to your gate/swing.



Ever had that sensation that you could almost read the greens under your feet? If you haven't worn TRUEs, or played barefoot, the answer is probably not. We wanted to remove all inhibition between the player and the course. Allowing the player to feel the course like never before.

We engineer outsoles that enhance your feedback from the terrain. Thin so you have greater ability to perceive slope, traction, and grip. Flexible so that the shoe works naturally with your foot, allowing it to move in an athletic way. If it's your first time experiencing thin and flexible golf shoes, welcome to the club, you're going to like it here.



Don't be that guy, racing to the parking lot because you can't wait to take off your blisteringly uncomfortable golf shoes, sitting on the back of your car changing your shoes so you can go back into the 19th hole for a refreshment. TRUEs seamlessly transition from the office, to the course, and to dinner after - without skipping a beat. 

We've accomplished this by providing the type of cushioning that you'll want on your feet all day long. Sock fit openings, lusciously padded inserts, and cross life tread will make these your favorite new go to's. Not your favorite golf shoes - your favorite shoes, period.