Materials Matter



"We strive to produce the highest quality products possible. To this end we have focused on developing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers who operate with a standard of excellence that goes above and beyond what has traditionally been accepted."

- Jason Moore

Partner | President




Our hand selected partners below offer the ultimate in quality manufacturing techniques, sustainable practices, and rigorous quality standards. We oversee every aspect of our product creation - from design, sourcing, manufacturing processes, to quality control. This provides us with the ultimate advantage: understanding our product, process and result. We can tell you all about it, but TRUEly experiencing the product is the only way you can quantify the TRUE difference. 


Prime Asia Leather



The full grain leather for our shoes comes from Prime Asia. Prime Asia is a world leader in the leather industry because of their focus on environmental stewardship. They are a Gold rated supplier by the Leather Working Group, and have won numerous international leather tannery awards. Prime Asia is not only committed to offering the highest quality leathers, but also to the highest standard of employee working conditions and environmental stewardship. We are proud to work with them as the exclusive supplier of full grain leathers for our shoes.


Sympatex Recyclable Waterproofing




Sympatex is a company that develops and produces technical waterproofing membranes. They provide the waterproofing technology that makes TRUE’s the highest performing waterproof shoe in golf. Adapting concepts and designs used to create footwear for the harshest of weather systems, TRUE utilizes the best that Sympatex has to offer. Sympatex has been a leader in removing harmful chemicals from the waterproofing process and has won numerous tests administered by Greenpeace. As a longtime bluesign® system partner, Sympatex meets the strictest guidelines worldwide regarding its production processes when it comes to the protection of the environment, health and production safety. 

Defender Repellent Systems® powered by Scotchguard®

Even though we source Waterproof leather, and utilize a full bootie waterproofing system, we go a step above and beyond by protecting the shell of our shoe with Defender Repellent Systems.  Another layer of protection from Water, oil, and stain repellency specially designed and used by athletes, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and tradesmen. Defender extends the life of the shoe, keeping them looking better – for longer. And oh yeah, it’s environmentally friendly as well, the only spray that Contains No PFOS or PFOA (heavily scrutinized restricted substances).

TRUE comfort® Innovation




When we can’t find a source meeting our quality standards, we simply innovate that space ourselves. You can find TRUE comfort innovation in our last (shape/fit) design, our proprietary antimicrobial inserts, proprietary outsole designs, rubber and EVA compounds, and engineering techniques. But in order to do this, we had to find the best factory out there to bring all of this innovation and quality materials to life.

Manufacturing Partners - Guangzhou Outdoor Shoe Co.




Our primary shoe production partner is Guangzhou Outdoor Shoe Co. The company is family owned and operated by two good friends who grew up managing development for a large shoe manufacturer. Historically, they have been focused on producing the highest quality waterproof shoes and boots for the hiking, hunting and fly fishing industry. Their expertise in building durable, waterproof, and weather-ready shoes is second to none. They offer high wages and an extremely clean and professional work environment. In addition, their family oriented work policies make the entire production facility feel like it’s a single family working together to grow their company. In fact, the more we visit our friends over there, they’re starting to feel more like family – and we’re proud to call them our production partner.