Business Model




“We make versatile technical wear, inspired by our adventures on the links - and sell them to our patrons, direct. This means higher quality, more innovation and thoughtful design brought directly to you at the best price possible.”


Founded in 2009 on the fundamental concept that the world needed a golf shoe built for the walking golfer, we set out to re-shape the golf shoe industry. We created the first ever comfortable golf shoe - built for walking. This evolved into an early product line built for on and off course enjoyment.   

We’ll be the first to admit that through our growth and evolution, not every product over the last eight years has been a perfect demonstration of our core motivation. So, recently we've been working in the background to drastically change the framework of our business model, getting back to our roots all so we can deliver our best product yet.

Shoes will always be our core product, but we believe technically designed gear inspired by golf can be built to adapt to whatever weather, challenge, activity or terrain you are facing.

Every portion of our business model from our production partners, material suppliers, product development process, sales strategy, and vision and mission have been reviewed, evaluated, and tweaked. 


Product Development Philosophy

Our product strategy is selfish; we only want to design and manufacture products we actually desire to wear on a daily basis. We want to bring innovation to areas where we see a clear need to bring something new to the market. Simply put, if we don’t want it, and it doesn’t make our lives better, it’s not a TRUE product. 

The philosophy that motivated us to make the first walking golf shoe is the same that will drive us into new spaces and places.

Sales Strategy

In the early days of TRUE we focused on building a business based on a traditional retail model with accidental successes in our direct to consumer channel. In the first 6 years, 74% of our sales were through traditional retail/wholesale/distributor channels and 26% was through our website.

Going forward, we want to expand our direct to consumer focus, bringing greater value to our most loyal supporters. This is primarily through our TRUE linkswear website. Being able to shape the customer experience and communicate directly with our fellow Wayfarers is extremely important to us. As a consumer you trust us to develop great products and we want to be able to communicate directly with you. Perhaps the most important inspiration we can have is to be able to hear from you about how we are doing, what you like, and where we can improve.

"We believe the old retail model strangles innovation and quality. Traditional retail markups (doubling the margin) ends up translating to less bang for your buck for the consumer. We want to change that for our loyal patrons." 

Our website, emails, and social media properties will be increasingly important gateways for us to spread the word about TRUE and give our customers an intimate look at our brand and business.

Why does any of this matter? Put simply...



In the end, our goal is to provide you - the actual customer - the best product available at the best feasible price. For us this means cutting exorbitant 'extra' costs like PGA TOUR player endorsement (though many rock our kicks for free), third party development agencies (we design in house), retailers with huge markup, huge advertising and sales staffing budgets, and the list goes on... In the end, if we can't provide a product at a price we'd be happy to buy ourselves, we don't waste our time. Our motto is simple: All quality, all of the time - no markup for things that don't benefit the consumer.

"Traditional retail marks up the end cost of the product 6-10x the actual cost of the product. That doesn't sit well with us, so we spend more on our products, and less on the gimmicky advertising and wasteful margins - delivering you the best quality product possible for less."

The Future

Going forward, we want to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what technical gear looks like for people who enjoy life’s adventures on and off the golf course.

We are passionate about our hobbies and we hope you come to use and love our products and their functionality that is truly designed for whatever life brings you.