Sneaker Lab Leather Care Conditioner
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Sneaker Lab Leather Care Conditioner

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Sneaker LAB Leather Conditioner is the perfect compliment to the Sneaker Lab Leather Care wipes. The Leather Conditioner is intended for post round use to help prolong the life of the premium leather on both the TRUE original and TRUE outsider. If applied regularly, the water based conditioning cream will nourish and protect the leather to help restore that 'new shoe' look and finish. The conditioning cream also protects the leather from UV rays and creates a water-resistant seal with each application.


  • Nourishes, clean, protects, & buffs premium leather.
  • 1 application bottle
  • Prolongs the life of leather TRUEs
  • Restores that 'new shoe' smell

How to Use

  1. Apply conditioner using a soft towel/microfiber directly on leather.
  2. Enjoy nourished, fresh smelling, protected TRUEs.
  3. Repeat as necessary.
  4. Recycle when empty.



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