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Welcome to TRUE

Here at TRUE we’re committed to crafting the highest quality shoes you’re proud to wear for any occasion - from the links to the streets. No, we’re not a corporation hell-bent on ruling the golf industry; we’re a group of family and friends dedicated to sharing our passion and excitement for footwear, and the game, with the rest of you. We hope your new TRUEs amplify your next adventure, on or off the links, with the people you enjoy the most.

From all of us at TRUE, welcome to the family.

Welcome to TRUEWelcome to TRUE




Over a decade ago, a small collective of golfers sat around coffee shop table and all agreed on one thing: golf shoes were horrible. After a few days of links golf and a few Guinness, TRUE linkswear™ was born. On a mission to craft the first golf shoe designed by and for the walking golfer, TRUE™ was focused on delivering revolutionary golf shoes with comfort, natural motion and versatility at their core. 

Two brothers - one a PGA TOUR™ winner and the other a creative turned shoe developer - are more focused now than ever at continuing to innovate the golf shoe space. Based out of the Pacific Northwest, TRUE™ is still on a mission to re-shape what a golf shoe looks like, feels like, and where they can be worn. With hundreds of thousands of pairs made, TRUE™ has now established itself as the premier footwear brand of choice for the discerning golfer.


Materials matter. Which is why you’ll immediately notice the difference in our craft approach to building high quality footwear. Every material is ethically sourced to produce the best possible product.

Our game is rooted in ethics, and so is our company. We believe in treating our employees and customers the way we’d like to be treated. We’re dedicated to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet by utilizing recycled post-consumer waste to build products when possible and eschewing the traditional shoe box in favor of re-usable (value-adding) shoe bag for every pair (2020 forward). 

Our industry can be outdated, but our business doesn’t have to be. We believe that innovation and creativity, when mixed with time-tested best practices, is the alchemy of business. This is why our business model eliminates exorbitant costs regularly seen with mega-brands and big-box retail, passing along greater quality products at better prices for our dedicated patrons. 

We believe nature is the greatest engineer - and our shoes follow its lead. Our goal is to harness the power of the human body and provide protection and support where it needs it most. Whether it’s our industry leading waterproofing (most golf shoes can’t hold a candle to our methods), or our new WANDERLUX™ foam outsoles that provide rebound and comfort for long days on the links - the aim of our technology is to enhance comfort and synchronize with nature. 


Golf should be fun. And nothing ruins a day on the course like a bad pair of shoes. Rooted in camaraderie, wellness and the pursuit of par - TRUE™ aims to bring life to our sport by creating the best possible gear with the golfer’s lifestyle in mind. This means getting out into nature and honing our craft on the links, and laughing off the bad kicks or swings. This means crafting shoes that are ergonomically designed to enhance the walk. This means shifting the culture of our industry to one where all are welcome. This means staying TRUE to ourselves, and the game. This means using our talents for the betterment of mankind. In the end, it’s simply about Enjoying The Walk™ - and we hope our shoes enhance your next adventure, on or off the links.


We strive to produce the highest quality products possible. To this end built genuine relationships with our hand selected suppliers and manufacturing partners.


We make shoes with the walking golfer in mind. All of our models need to be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear before, during and after your round.


We’re not like the other guys; and that’s a good thing. We’ll ensure you have the best experience with TRUE from the moment you place your order.