OG Player Towel
OG Player Towel
OG Player Towel

OG Player Towel

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The OG Towel was created to give everyday players the ability to use what PGA Tour Caddies actually use. A phenomenally oversized, water absorbing towel that's sure to keep your club and balls clean.



Our OG Player Towel features our vintage racing stripe design TOUR level performance.  Designed with one thing in mind - give the everyday player access to what a real PGA Tour Caddie actually uses. No water-wicking microfiber materials, no waffling, no gimmicks - just a water absorbing, ball & club cleaning towel that will last a long, long time. To ensure TOUR level performance we've made sure the towel is oversized for more cleaning surface and made from high quality 93% cotton (for water absorption) and 7% polyester (for added durability and strength). Some may think we overthought the golf towel here, but we think it's just right. 


  • Dimensions: 22” (W) x 44” (L)
  • Materials: 93% Cotton, 7% Polyester
  • Ribbed Terry design for cleaning out those grooves
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Modern Aesthetic
  • Racing stripes & TRUE tab decals for the win



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