Something Major is Coming...

major  | Brandon W.


It's no secret that we tend to be a little obsessive over our shoes. We find great enjoyment from changing paradigms, perfecting details, and re-thinking the seemingly 'obvious' reason things are done. It's been a two year project, but you'll see that same disposition in our latest release...

Something Major is coming 2/1. No, friends, it’s not a limited release or special edition colorway. This shoe, already being worn on TOUR, boasts our most sophisticated and advanced technology to date. To give you two options for winter - you'll see two distinct color ways dropping - Open Black and US Greys.

What makes this shoe so special, you ask? Designed specifically for TOUR level players, and relentlessly tested by TRUE Advisory Board Member Ryan Moore, this shoe flaunts our finest material selection to date and features new upper construction, re-imagined waterproofing, and instant out of the box comfort. When you open up our TOUR Issue, re-useable shoe/shag bag that they'll arrive in, you'll understand why we're saying #ThisIsMajor.

Stay tuned for the official release which, of course, we’ll give our Wayfarers exclusive early access to. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Feast your eyes on the teaser below: