If You're Going Out, Go Out Swinging | Topgolf x TRUE Knit

A quick conversation at the PGA Show in January, a few hour long phone calls between executives and poof, the limited edition TRUE knit Topgolf shoe was brought to life. Ok, there were a few (a lot) other steps in between but the end result was nothing short of sheer awesomeness.

If you don’t know Topgolf yet, you’ve definitely been living in your doomsday shelter. Brought to life in 2003, they now have more than 50 venues globally where 20 million guests enjoy food, music, fun, and of course golf, on an annual basis. They exist to entertain and no matter how or where you experience Topgolf, you are guaranteed to have FUN. They are a breath of fresh air for the game of golf and are growing the game as a result.

It comes as no surprise to us (maybe to a lot of others though) when they gave the green light to work with them on a one of a kind design in the wildly popular TRUE knit. The shoe embodies much of the Topgolf spirit in its raw form. Versatile, fun, and comfortable no matter when or where you wear it, the knit is a perfect match for Topgolf.

To bring it to life specifically for Topgolf, we started with their bright, bold, Topgolf blue in our marled knit pattern. Custom Topgolf inserts add to the fun and flair of the blue color and black suede heel and tongue accents bring out a bit of sophistication to the shoe. Most unique to the Topgolf knit, a non-slip rubber material was used for the sole to aid their staff who transition to multiple surfaces within venues.

Topgolf and TRUE both aim to grow a game we all love. Whether you play competitively and count every shot or just make a few swings in a Topgolf bay with friends, golf brings people together in a uniquely respectful manner. Knowing that we have the ability to bring to life a shoe that aides in that end and allows for the enjoyment of golf no matter the environment is our perpetual pursuit of par.

The shoe has been available only to Topgolf associates for the last month but now can be purchased direct on our site starting today. Hurry, as we have a very limited batch available.

The shoe can be found at truelinkswear.com/true-knit-x-topgolf for a limited time only.