About TRUE

TRUE linkswear, founded in 2009, is a company established and ran by passionate golfers who, through hard work and countless iterations, created an extremely comfortable, ground-breaking minimalist golf shoe that allows the golfer to truly feel the course. We believe golf is a game best enjoyed while walking, yet the reality is, most (nearly all) golf shoes aren't engineered to be comfortable walking shoes. We set out to change that, and we did. 

We believe that traditional golf shoes that try to "nail you to the ground" are severely over engineered with features that actually put you in a position to fail every time you swing a club. We want to change the way golfers enjoy the game by giving them products that work naturally with their bodies and provide TRUE technological benefits. No unnecessary features, added weight, false claims, or empty promises. Just the closest thing to a barefoot golfing experience as possible.

We are confident that our shoes will help you enjoy your next walk thanks to their light weight nature, thinner soles, wider toe boxes, and proprietary TRUE comfort technology. It's that goal of helping you enjoy the walk that keeps us striving to make our shoes better and better.

Our company breathes the game and everyone who works at TRUE loves to play and test product. In fact, product testing is part of every job description. We all enjoy walking fairways with friends, sharing stories, knocking down pins and embracing the great outdoors.
Our employees are required to play eighteen during the work week because consistently and repeatedly testing product is the only way to find out how it performs in all conditions so it can be improved. Please feel free to connect with us on social media, and let us know what TRUE can do for you. Or better yet, join the movement and sign up for our Wayfarer's Club and be the first to know about new product announcements, deals, and news. We promise to only send you good things. 


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