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TRUE originals feature TRUE’s iconic fit and feel - and now it’s better than ever. Removing all Inhibitions, TRUE Originals allow the player to connect to the course in a whole new way.



The Original pays homage to our original TRUEs, comfy toe box, on off course traction, and minimalistic styling. Even though they were engineered to accommodate any endeavor, do not be fooled, the Original is the ideal golf shoe. Generating more surface contact than any TRUE in history, the Original will keep you connected to the earth with ideal balance and traction. Walk and feel the course like you've never felt before thanks to the barefoot design and feel - eliminating all inhibitions between you and the turf. The Original has been updated with a sock liner for comfort, full grain leather, and a waterproof liner to keep your feet ready for the elements.


   - Our wide toe box gives your feet and toes the room they need to move naturally helping you generate more power and traction – comfortably. The average golf shoe is too narrow and unnaturally pointed leading to increased discomfort and less natural stability. Your toes will thank you for the room to move.

   - Our on and off course traction is also designed to allow you to go straight from the course to your daily life or vice versa. In testing our shoes they have been worn to dinner, happy hour drinks at our favorite bars, crossfit gyms, backpacking trips, and a hike through the Narrows in Zion.

    - We guarantee you will enjoy walking straight from the office to the course and then to your kids soccer game without having to sit on the back of your trunk to change your shoes

   - The tread on our Originals is designed to give you maximum feel and power on the golf course. These shoes are designed with the traction needs of Tour level players in mind. They have been tested under live rounds and have proven worthy of the task at hand. The flexibility and thin sole allow you to feel more of the course and help you enjoy the walk

   - For crazy comfort, slide into your Originals and notice the “Not too tight, not too loose, just right” feel. Originals conform to your movements providing you the ultimate second layer of skin.


Our full grain leather comes from Prime Asia and is guaranteed to be waterproof. You can feel the quality in the toe box as the supple leather envelops your feet and welcomes your every turn.

- In order to provide 'out of the box, 36 hole guaranteed comfort' we worked with Prime Asia to develop pre-tumbled leather. This means they'll conform to your foot like a glove, and have durability for days (years actually). Note that out of the box, the supple full grain leather may show some character and maybe even visibly display flex point lines - but don't worry, that's just us (and science) breaking them in for you.

   - To keep your feet ready for the elements we have a full waterproof and breathable booty. The Sympatex Waterproof booty construction has been tested to a rigorous 50k Step Dynamic Waterproof    Test to ensure you stay dry, no matter what type of weather you face (yes even in the Northwest).

   - To wick away water, oil, and stains. The defender coating helps keep your shoes looking clean and new longer.




Materials Matter

Going Above and Beyond


    No cheap synthetics, no cut corners - TRUE utilizes Prime Asia Full Grain Premium Waterproof leather for our uppers. Providing the ultimate in quality, durability, comfort and eco-friendly practices.


    The final and third layer of water protection, Defender Repellent Systems also provides defense from oil, and some stains - Allowing you to embrace the terrain without worrying about the stains.


    Reimaging waterproofing construction methods, Sympatex utilizes eco-friendly materials to provide the ultimate in waterproofing technology. TRUE utilizes Sympatex, fully recyleable, full coverage WP construction method.

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    Everything about True Original is

    Posted by Young L. on Nov 10th 2017

    Everything about True Original is good,much better than old True shoes(purchased 3 pairs),however, I strongly recommend to use True Original if you ride cart. The heels of T.O. gives painful every time I take each step. So I have to find another shoes which gives real comfortable for walk on hilly golf courses.

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    Great shoe!

    Posted by Chad on Nov 3rd 2017

    This is going to sound shallow, but the only reason I tried these is because of Ryan Moore.....and I'm glad I did. Normally I wear an 11 1/2, but had to send those back and get an 11. The 11s fit great, are super comfortable, stable for golf, and are a wonderful walking shoe. Now I have a pair of white and black ones. Highly recommend for the "natural" golfer.

  • 3
    The sockfit liner

    Posted by Don E. on Oct 23rd 2017

    Once I can get the shoe on, it is good, The sockfit liner has very limited stretch and I can barely get the shoe on my foot. Also difficult to it off. I ordered a stout shoe horn to see if that helps. If not I may need to return the shoes

  • 5
    Super comfortable

    Posted by Michael C. on Oct 22nd 2017

    Was comfortable right out of the box. I wear a 15 and these were the perfect fit. Love the roomy toe area. After the first round I thought I would never own another golf shoe.

  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by Fred B on Oct 21st 2017

    Hands down the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn on the course. PLayed a 3 day tournament last week without any issues. It rained the last day, all day , and my feet stayed dry as a bone. THanks for a great shoe, I am ordering every color once back in stock.

  • 5
    True Original

    Posted by Kevin White, PGA on Oct 20th 2017

    Unbelievably comfortable. Walked 18 with shoes right out of the box. Best shoe I've had in years!

  • 5
    My feet were in heaven!!!

    Posted by Robert H. on Oct 19th 2017

    I have been wearing Trues for years . But The Orignal is by far one of the most comfortable shoe I have worn I want to buy the other color but I have to wait a little bit!!! Thanks

  • 5
    True Original

    Posted by Paul S on Oct 17th 2017

    Have many parrs of Trues. Have liked them all except for the breathe lytes. These are super comfortable and great fo walking. I still like the spiked shoes when I'm riding in a cart and hope they continue to make them.

  • 5
    The Originals Are Great!

    Posted by Ian on Oct 16th 2017

    I've worn the Originals on multiple occasions and the ground feel, zero drop, and right amount of cushioning are amazing. They are more minimal but not so much that they feel harsh. It's like True took the great feel of the best shoes from their past and made it better! True went back to their roots and innovated at the same time with the Originals.