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30 Day Trial


We want you to love your new shoes. If you don't, we keep things simple 'round here. 

Buy 'em and go play for 30 days. Should they not work out, send 'em back and we'll give you a mulligan. Heck, say they came that way. Golf is a game of integrity right? We all play by the same rules, we trust ya. 

Let's be conscious of our waste and footprint though. Our preference would be that you wear them around your house, and try to get a good feel for them before you take them out on the links. This way, incase they aren't perfect you can return them in new or unused condition to cut down on our waste (it also helps us keep the cost down on future products). We're so confident we can find you the right kicks, we'll often times send out another size or style just to find the right fit for you. 



Specifics of the program, aka the 'fine print' below:

’30 Day Trial Program’

The ’30 Day Trial Program’ applies only to full price footwear purchased directly through our website ( It does not apply to accessory items, gear, bags, or discounted items purchased through our ‘Outlet’.  After making a purchase of full price footwear through our website, the customer then has (30) days after the shipment embarks from TRUE linkswear’s warehouse to analyze the product. During this process, the customer can choose to return in new condition, and TRUE linkswear will cover the shipping costs both directions, as well as a full refund of the original purchase price. If the customer chooses to try the footwear outdoors, or creates visible wear and tear on the product, then TRUE linkswear will refund the full amount of the original purchase price, except for shipping costs - and the customer is responsible for paying for shipping both directions. The customer must notify TRUE linkswear, in writing, with their intention to act upon the ’30 Day Trial Program’ within (30) days of the shipment leaving TRUE linkswear’s warehouse and being placed with the carrier. TRUE linkswear will provide detailed instructions to create a return label for the inbound shipment. Once the Returnee receives these instructions, they have (10) days to place the returned product in the carriers care. If the product is not received within (10) days of the information being provided to the Returnee, TRUE linkswear reserves the right to deny the return under the ’30 Day Trial Program’. Once TRUE linkswear receives the returned product, it will undergo a 1-3 day return processing period. Once the product has been processed, the Returnee will be credited either 1) Full refund for product, taxes, and shipping costs if the product is returned in NEW condition , or 2) Refund for product cost, and taxes only if the product is returned in USED condition. Every customer can utilize our ’30 Day Trial Program’ for (1) order per calendar year, up to (2) pairs per order. Exceptions to these terms is reserved solely to the discretion of TRUE linkswear.